Homestay in Goa and lots of eating option

Homestay in Goa can be a very good option for stay in Goa as it makes you feel a little more closer to the spirit of Goa. Since the home stays are managed by the locals of the state, hence it can be very comfortably assumed that the hospitality shall be in a true Goan way. The spirit of the Goans has always been on a high as they are relaxed and close to the nature. The beaches of Goa are pristine and welcome one and all at all times of the year. Homestay in Goa are slowly becoming very popular these days as these days tourists want to experience something different in all ways be it food , or the décor of the room in which they are staying. And this can be completely found in a Home stay since they are different from the regular hotels and resorts.

There are many beautiful places in Goa and lot of eating options. The most popular places to enjoy authentic Goan food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian are the shacks. They are temporary settlements that come up after the monsoon finishes in Goa. The shacks are found on all the beaches of North and South Goa. Some of the shacks provide accommodation also, and those are the best because one can wake up with the noise of the waves. The shacks serve some of the best cuisine; one can found all the flavors and tastes. Some of the shacks make special, arrangements for a cozy candlelight dinner with you loved one. Some of the best known shacks are St. Anthony’s, Brittos, St. Curlies, Martin’s Corner and many more. They all are well managed and take good care of their guests. A wide choice of options is available in drinks and food.


Places to visit in Goa speak of great hospitality.

Places to visit in Goa speak of great hospitality. Goa serves the best of cuisine from all over the worlds but the best part is that it still retails its own flavors. There are many joints in Goa who live and thrive by this culture where they are truly goan in their essence yet they have all the international flavors with them. One of the very popular joint serving international cuisines in goan way is Hotel Fidalgo. It is located in the heart of Panjim on the 18th June Road. Panjim is a very popular place to visit in Goa. Hotel Fidalgo is home to five restaurants to suit to every taste and requirement. Apart from the very popular food it serves this hotel is quite a nice place to stay with luxury rooms which have well done interiors. It also has conference room and banquet hall facility to suit the business requirements.

The restaurants in Fidalgo are Bhojan,Aunty Maria, Legacy of Bombay,Chilli n Spics and O Goa. All these restaurants are famous for their specialty, like Bhojan serves the authentic thali which is a unique combination of Gujarati and Rajasthani food. Aunty Maria is a 24X7 café where pizzas , salads, soups, waffles, pancakes are served. It is the only 24×7 café in Panjim. It has a comfortable setting and laid back ambience that offers a perfect antidote to a busy day. The other restaurants are equally famous for their flavors and taste. Where Legacy of Bombay and Bhojan are pure veg restaurants the others offer multi cuisine food options with Buffet menu. The Buffet has great varieties to offer. The entire 18th June Road is a great place to visit in Goa. It has some wonderful shopping options and eat outs , which include some street side and some international joints as well. In all there is something or the other to suit your needs.

Weekend getaways from Delhi are an idea that quickly refreshes oneself.

Weekend getaways from Delhi are an idea that quickly refreshes oneself. After all every day everyone is busy in either office or trying to make both the ends meet. People struggle to meet deadlines , to keep their families happy and above all make all possible efforts to advance in their career. Delhi is a big city and being the capital of the country it has millions of working people, businessmen, labourers etc. A weekend break is required so that some boredom and stress is reduced among the working class. Delhi has excellent infrastructure in terms of transportation facility be it air or national highways. There can be a long list of places which are a good option for weekend getaways from Delhi. When so many options are available it becomes all the easier for the people to move about and explore different places in and around Delhi.

One such place which people very often go and is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Delhi is the religious trip to the shrine of Vaishno Devi. It is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Good trains are available which take overnight and make you reach Katra.The temple is located amidst the beautiful hills and the entire trip being devotional brings one a different type of satisfaction all together. These days the helicopter services have been started by the Government. However some of the pilgrims still go on foot to the temple. The temple premises have good accommodation facilities such as Government rest houses , private hotels and small dharamsalas etc. All these can be easily booked. The temple is visited by thousands of devotees and is considered to be a very sacred place. This weekend getaway from Delhi can be booked as an entire package where the agency takes care of the accommodation, food , helicopter trip and to and fro transportation.

Ladakh tour packages can be easily booked through the online agencies.

Ladakh tour packages can be easily booked through the online agencies. It is said that if there is one trip in this country which can build memories for a life time it has to be the beautiful valley of Leh and Ladakh. This wonder of nature which is a true blessing for our country is famous for its colorful monasteries , steep curves , high altitudes, freezing winds …..And the list just continues because it has so much for the eyes , one cannot count the endless avenues of adventure in this place..It is truly called the world of fantasies. It is bordered on the northwest with Pakistan , north with the China and east with Tibet. This giant kingdom is one destination which is a dream holiday for many. There are direct flights available from Delhi and other major cities to Ladakh, but what is more exciting and awesome is the road trip which bikers take from Delhi or Manali. This road trip takes one along the highest motorable roads , steep valley, beautiful lakes and those wonders of nature which cannot be seen anywhere but Ladakh.

The photographers around the world wait for the Rohtang pass to open up its jaws for the very exciting road trip. Apart from the beautiful sight seeing what brings in or adds to the adventure is the riverside camps amidst mountains t Jispa, and the very beautiful road of Baralancha that can leave you speechless at every occasion. It is always said that one has time he or she should go for the road trip because the journey by road means more than the destination. Usually these bikers move in groups which are very often formed on social networking sites. The adventure does not end with the journey but rather the entire valley of Ladakh is full of surprise and can increase the momentum of adventure at any instant.

Andaman Tour packages do include these water sports.

Andaman Tour Packages are incomplete without the mention of the wonderful shopping avenues in these islands especially the capital city of Port Blair Shopping I here is as exciting as exploring the hidden fortunes of the city. One totally gets lost in the wonders of the islands. Such a lot is there , at one place one gets amazed at the sight of pristine blue waters, white sand beaches at the same time one is also amazed by the adventurous water sports which let you explore marine life and one meets so many fears. Almost all the Andaman Tour packages do include these water sports. Many tourists are of the opinion that these sports can be only enjoyed by the people who are good in swimming but that is totally a myth. However one cannot deny that those who know swimming they definitely take less time to prepare themselves for going underwater and require less training. But that should not deter non swimmers in any case to take up these exciting water sports.

There are many popular beaches in Port Blair where these sports can be tried especially Cove Beach. This beach is a must to be included in all the Andaman Tourist Package. A wide range of shopping options are available such as Saagrika Government Emporium. This place is especially known for woodcarvings, cane and bamboo furniture. But what attracts most tourists to this place is the coconut lampshades and products made of wood such as trays , walking sticks. The emporium is quite spacious and all the items are well arranged for display. All the items are so appealing that one wishes to take along everything. These items form a very important part of the export items from these islands. The tribal’s who make these items are simple and love their culture yet all the international flavors can be found in their lifestyle.

Places to visit near Bangalore are a great respite

Places to visit near Bangalore are a great respite for IT crowd as they offer them a short break from their monotonous weekends and give them the much sought after break. The city of gardens, namma Bengluru is famous for its five day work culture where the people desperately search for those options where they can spend their weekends lazily with family or friends. People with varies interests have various options to choose from. They can visit Tirupati Temple or a spice plantation in Munnar or can go for a rigorous trek at Ramgarh. They can choose to spend the entire day at Wonder la or take their children to the historic city of Mysore. In fact with so many options around most of the weekends are well spent by the Bangalore techies who are ardent nature lovers and enthusiasts.

The temple of Tirupati Balaji is supposed to be the richest temple in the world. It is located in the Tirumala district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is visited by thousand of devotees every day. It is located at a distance of about five to six hour drive. This temple is one of the most famous places to visit near Bangalore. People from all over the country visit this temple and are simply spell bound by the riches and the royalty of this temple. Heavy donations are made in cash and gold to the deity. Film stars from Bollywood and Tollywood visit this temple before their film releases. The prasadam of this temple is patented. There are many other temples in the vicinity of the district but nothing surpasses the fame of this temple. There are so many visitors everyday that temple remains open for more than eighteen hours daily. Strict rules are laid down for the visitors and many people donate their hair to Lord Venkateshwara.

Places to visit Manali are wonderful and exotic

Places to visit Manali are wonderful and exotic which offer a splendid view of mountains along with the taste of Himachal culture. Manali has always been the Travelers paradise, with its bag full of goodies be it Monasteries, Rohtang Pass or the waterfalls. A true nature lover is mesmerized with the beauty of hills and silence of valley. One cannot take his eyes off the beauty of the place which has been blessed at every nook and corner. Places to visit in Manali offer a complete different view when the rains start. The region experiences heavy rain during the months of July and August causing Landslides sometimes. That is why that is one part of the year where a dip in the tourists’ arrival is observed; otherwise the whole year round the place is full of adventure and nature lovers. The fun in summers is different because one can escape from the scorching heat of the plains and get respite there. The months of March to June are pleasant with the nights being quite cold so woollens are required at that time. The best part of these months is that the flora and fauna of this place are in full swing and bloom. The fresh flowers, red apples, the juicy cherries and so many other things are a treat to the eyes as well as tongue.

Manali is equally famous for its adventure sports be it skiing, river rafting, zorbing etc. These days’ Indian tourists are taking great interest in sports activities, so whether it is paragliding on the beaches of Goa or scuba diving in Andaman , the tourists want to enjoy every bit of adventure and take all the challenges that come in front of them. Due to its snow covered mountains , melting glaciers many sports are carried on.