Places to visit near Bangalore nearest puducherry Airport

Places to visit near Bangalore are so many that one can spend their all the weekends of the year in a different place and get the body and mind free of stress and tension of work and daily life. Bangalore is centrally located in the state of Karnataka and is well connected to all the neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Telengana. The citizens of Bangalore are enthusiastic and love to travel and this passion increases due to the simple reason that so many options are available. A sandy beach, a perfect evening in a coffee plantation, a temple visit or a stroll in a National Park and many more options are available. Pondicherry is one of the most popular places to visit near Bangalore. It is affectionately known as Pondy.It is a Union Territory and has rightly earned the title of a serene coast. A number of beaches in Pondicherry were devastated in 2004 Tsunami, but nevertheless the place has been visited by many people since then. This small beach town is located quite close to Chennai and can be reached via East Coast road. The drive on this corridor is simply awesome as you have the sea on your side. It is around six to seven hour drive from Bangalore.

Not only that even regular trains and flights are available. The nearest Airport is Puducherry Airport. Pondicherry has been famous as French Colony. One can notice some notable French architecture; some authentic French restaurants and even the lanes and houses have been named French. The city of Pondicherry has many colonial buildings, churches, temples, statues etc and it also preserves some of the French culture still. There are many places of attraction and definitely Pondicherry is a must visit place to visit from Bangalore.


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