Homestay in Goa and lots of eating option

Homestay in Goa can be a very good option for stay in Goa as it makes you feel a little more closer to the spirit of Goa. Since the home stays are managed by the locals of the state, hence it can be very comfortably assumed that the hospitality shall be in a true Goan way. The spirit of the Goans has always been on a high as they are relaxed and close to the nature. The beaches of Goa are pristine and welcome one and all at all times of the year. Homestay in Goa are slowly becoming very popular these days as these days tourists want to experience something different in all ways be it food , or the décor of the room in which they are staying. And this can be completely found in a Home stay since they are different from the regular hotels and resorts.

There are many beautiful places in Goa and lot of eating options. The most popular places to enjoy authentic Goan food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian are the shacks. They are temporary settlements that come up after the monsoon finishes in Goa. The shacks are found on all the beaches of North and South Goa. Some of the shacks provide accommodation also, and those are the best because one can wake up with the noise of the waves. The shacks serve some of the best cuisine; one can found all the flavors and tastes. Some of the shacks make special, arrangements for a cozy candlelight dinner with you loved one. Some of the best known shacks are St. Anthony’s, Brittos, St. Curlies, Martin’s Corner and many more. They all are well managed and take good care of their guests. A wide choice of options is available in drinks and food.


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