Places to visit near Bangalore are a great respite

Places to visit near Bangalore are a great respite for IT crowd as they offer them a short break from their monotonous weekends and give them the much sought after break. The city of gardens, namma Bengluru is famous for its five day work culture where the people desperately search for those options where they can spend their weekends lazily with family or friends. People with varies interests have various options to choose from. They can visit Tirupati Temple or a spice plantation in Munnar or can go for a rigorous trek at Ramgarh. They can choose to spend the entire day at Wonder la or take their children to the historic city of Mysore. In fact with so many options around most of the weekends are well spent by the Bangalore techies who are ardent nature lovers and enthusiasts.

The temple of Tirupati Balaji is supposed to be the richest temple in the world. It is located in the Tirumala district of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is visited by thousand of devotees every day. It is located at a distance of about five to six hour drive. This temple is one of the most famous places to visit near Bangalore. People from all over the country visit this temple and are simply spell bound by the riches and the royalty of this temple. Heavy donations are made in cash and gold to the deity. Film stars from Bollywood and Tollywood visit this temple before their film releases. The prasadam of this temple is patented. There are many other temples in the vicinity of the district but nothing surpasses the fame of this temple. There are so many visitors everyday that temple remains open for more than eighteen hours daily. Strict rules are laid down for the visitors and many people donate their hair to Lord Venkateshwara.


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