Places to visit Manali are wonderful and exotic

Places to visit Manali are wonderful and exotic which offer a splendid view of mountains along with the taste of Himachal culture. Manali has always been the Travelers paradise, with its bag full of goodies be it Monasteries, Rohtang Pass or the waterfalls. A true nature lover is mesmerized with the beauty of hills and silence of valley. One cannot take his eyes off the beauty of the place which has been blessed at every nook and corner. Places to visit in Manali offer a complete different view when the rains start. The region experiences heavy rain during the months of July and August causing Landslides sometimes. That is why that is one part of the year where a dip in the tourists’ arrival is observed; otherwise the whole year round the place is full of adventure and nature lovers. The fun in summers is different because one can escape from the scorching heat of the plains and get respite there. The months of March to June are pleasant with the nights being quite cold so woollens are required at that time. The best part of these months is that the flora and fauna of this place are in full swing and bloom. The fresh flowers, red apples, the juicy cherries and so many other things are a treat to the eyes as well as tongue.

Manali is equally famous for its adventure sports be it skiing, river rafting, zorbing etc. These days’ Indian tourists are taking great interest in sports activities, so whether it is paragliding on the beaches of Goa or scuba diving in Andaman , the tourists want to enjoy every bit of adventure and take all the challenges that come in front of them. Due to its snow covered mountains , melting glaciers many sports are carried on.


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