Homestay in Goa is becoming popular these days

Homestay in Goa is becoming popular these days, with the mixed influx of crowd during 365 days of the year makes them all the more demanding among tourists in Goa. Goa has always been the top favorite holiday destination for beach lovers whether Indian or non-Indian. The visitors always have preferred beach side accommodation whether it is a resort, a hotel, or a shack. The preference of home stays in Goa has recently seen a surge with more and more people looking for it primarily because they get home like treatment added with a lot of local flavor. This state has always been the favorite for honeymooners. Goa really gets crowded in the winter months due to Christmas and New Year’s Eve. A lot of events are organized by various hotels and resorts to celebrate this special occasion. North Goa becomes the party hub and people go crazy. The nights are spent dancing and partying.

Usually large groups of friends flow down and celebrate New Year. Homestay in Goa are always recommended for home like treatment. Another reason these days Goa is becoming popular is for Destination Weddings. A lot of high profile wedding are organized in Goa.Lovely beaches with the sun setting in the background would be an ideal place for any couple to exchange vows. It is important to note that Goa is not only popular for Christian weddings but also people belonging to other faiths and religions also come here and plan their weddings. Usually the hotels and resorts give a combined package which includes the venue for wedding and other pre-wedding functions, photography, catering, accommodation for guests and honeymoon for the newly wedded. These lavish weddings are usually organized by beach side hotels and resorts that have specialized wedding planners who undertake this responsibility.


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