Andaman Tour packages do include these water sports.

Andaman Tour Packages are incomplete without the mention of the wonderful shopping avenues in these islands especially the capital city of Port Blair Shopping I here is as exciting as exploring the hidden fortunes of the city. One totally gets lost in the wonders of the islands. Such a lot is there , at one place one gets amazed at the sight of pristine blue waters, white sand beaches at the same time one is also amazed by the adventurous water sports which let you explore marine life and one meets so many fears. Almost all the Andaman Tour packages do include these water sports. Many tourists are of the opinion that these sports can be only enjoyed by the people who are good in swimming but that is totally a myth. However one cannot deny that those who know swimming they definitely take less time to prepare themselves for going underwater and require less training. But that should not deter non swimmers in any case to take up these exciting water sports.

There are many popular beaches in Port Blair where these sports can be tried especially Cove Beach. This beach is a must to be included in all the Andaman Tourist Package. A wide range of shopping options are available such as Saagrika Government Emporium. This place is especially known for woodcarvings, cane and bamboo furniture. But what attracts most tourists to this place is the coconut lampshades and products made of wood such as trays , walking sticks. The emporium is quite spacious and all the items are well arranged for display. All the items are so appealing that one wishes to take along everything. These items form a very important part of the export items from these islands. The tribal’s who make these items are simple and love their culture yet all the international flavors can be found in their lifestyle.


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