Places to visit in Goa

Places to visit in Goa are numerous which would be difficult or cumbersome would be the correct word to pen it down. Where a tourist is mesmerized by the Portugese architecture, he is delighted by the sun kissed beaches also, he wants the yummy sea food also, he hunts for shopping also , he enjoys adventure sports also….. So how the lists of places to visit in Goa can made an exhaustive one. With so many options and choices around any tourist would be on the top. The variety of food itself makes one think where to start be it the smoked starters or the delicious prawn curry in the main course ot even the Goan delicacy Bebinca in the desert. Goa is heaven for sea food lovers because most of the restaurants and hotels serve the fresh catch which is sure to multiply the taste. Rare varieties of sea food be it shrimps, crabs, prawns, Kingfish, you name it and you get it.

A long list of the famous joints can be made in places to visit in Goa where one can and must enjoy these delicacies , such as the TITO’s , Martins Corner , Bay Leaf , Fisherman’s Wharf and above all the shacks which are authentic and gives the real pleasure when has food sea side by candle light. This does not mean in any way that the Vegetarians have fewer options or even today even Vegans have a lot of choices. Goa boasts of some very famous vegetarian restaurants and has chains of international outlets such as KFC, Dominos etc. Other items which draw our attention are its unique bakery items such as lovely cupcakes, patties and of course the wine and beer of all kinds.


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