Homestay in Goa


Homestay in Goa is now gaining popularity due to the good service and hospitality provided by the local managers and the owners. Most of the home stays are owned by the Goans who take utmost care in treating their guests. A lot of foreign tourists land every year in Goa, in fact Goa records quite a number of Chartered flights mainly from Russia. The foreigners are delighted to spend their times in these home stays. A lot of foreigners are seen spending their time on beaches doing meditation and Yoga. Goa is home to quite a few ayurvedic centers and massage centers. They are supposed to have a healing touch, and such centers also run their short yoga and meditation camps which are very beneficial and draw a good number of people.

It is important for the tourists to check whether the homestay in Goa are authorized and approved or not. Such a prior check makes the stay all the more relaxing and tension free. A home stay in Goa gives you all the benefit and comfort which one would have enjoyed at the leisure oh home , whether it is sipping a hot cup of coffee in a sea facing balcony or at times venturing in the kitchen yourself to make some food. It certainly has fewer formalities as compared to a Hotel. Goa is lesser known for its bewildering wildlife, where the Western Ghats present are full of exotic species of flora and fauna. The more enthusiastic travelers and trekkers do make out for them as they show an altogether a different side of Goa away from the crowded beaches and partying zones.


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