Best Homestay Services in Coorg

Coorg is also Known as Kodayu or Kodava Nadu , is an administrative district in Karnataka, India. It occupies an area of 4,102,in the Western ghats of Southweastern Karnataka.According to 2011 Census, Kodagu had population of 5,54,519 of which male and female are 2,74,608 and 2,79,911 respectively. Hence number of females here are more than males which is quiet rare in India. The literacy rate of Coorg is nearly 83 percent. It is considered as the least populous of the 30 districts of Karnataka. Agriculture is the most important  factor that upholds the economy of Coorg. And Coorg is famous for its coofee. The dominant people groups of Coorg are Indegenous (Kodavas) and Ara Basha specifically. The chief languages of Coorg are Kodava,Are Bhashe,Kannada etc.

Coorg, the Konkan region home to coffee and spices, is a rich portrait of virescent landscapes and miles of plantations. It includes historical buildings such as the Madikeri Fort which represents the royal magnificence of the region as well as the sites of natural beauty such as the waterfalls of Abbey and Mallalli. Those who wants some thrill with the Dubare river rafting or take a closer look at the exotic flora and fauna at Nagarhole National Park, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, or at the Dubare Elephant Camp. For those who seek a spiritual indulgence, Coorg has some age-old centers of divinity and faith, such as the Omkareshwara and Bhagamandala temples. Veerabhoomi tourist village in Kudlur is also one of the tourist places in Coorg for a unique experience.

And Visitors can do all this fun while staying  HomeStay, which is a form of tourism and/or study abroad that allows visitors to rent rooms from local families.HomeStay is a very interesting and bugeted thing to do in this area.Usually People used to stay in Hotels. But residing in Homestay provides an oppoutunity for visitors to know about the culture,various kinds of cuisines and interesting new facts about Coorg. If a person is keen to know about new things while on tour then Homestay can really provides a chance to them.They can also come to know about their History which is also very interesting.

History of Coorg: The Kodavas (Coorgs) were the earliest agriculturists in Kodagu, living in that place for centuries. Nayakas and Palegaras like Chengalvas and Kongalvas ruled over them.

After India’s independence in 1947, Coorg became a province, and in 1950 a state by name of Coorg State of Republic of India. In 1952 elections to the Coorg Legislative Assembly were held.In 1956, when India’s state boundaries were reorganized along linguistic lines, it became a district of the then Mysore state.
But HomeStays may not beneficial for people who does not like to interact with local persons . As there would be different languages and culture.And it may not be safe for individuals coming from other countries for safety reasons otherwise Coorg is a beautiful place for visit.


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