Coorg Homestay

Engross yourself into the woods so deeply that the woods shall ponder upon your existence Nesting in the islands of the unknown allows you to speak their words and the best way to know a place is through camouflaging yourself into its true colours.

Coorg Homestay
Coorg Homestay

Gifted with a highly diverse flora and fauna, A Homestay in Coorg would allow yourself to be cuddled up by the mesmerizing western ghats. Also the chilling winds flowing through the waterfalls, purified by the rich greenery would calm your breath and last into the most peaceful travel ever.The place would allow a drenched dance in the rains that should never find an escape from your soul.Moreover, being the origin to river Kaveri, the place has a lot more to offer as its tradition and religion than just the scenic beauty.

Coorg has a lot more to be deeply felt than just explored which can only be experienced by a dedicated and engrossed vacation spent in these lands, provided by the indigenous HOMESTAYS.


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