Kodagu, or Coorg as it is popularly known, is a traveler’s delight. A district within Karnataka state, Coorg is multi-faceted as a tourist destination. You can easily count it as one of the most picturesque attraction. It is famously known as ‘the Scotland of India’. Read this article further to find out more about the place.
Things to do at Coorg: Totally unwind in beautiful home stays and resorts, understand coffee bean processing, take up adventure sports, or simply trek through dense reserve forests.

Homestay in coorg

Coorg is coffee planter’s land and during the coffee boom, these planters mint money and built huge, palatial homes. Spread across Coorg, are thus beautiful homes and most of them have been recently open to visitors. It is ideal to book yourself into one of these home stays and visit the surrounding areas. Most home stays now have websites from which you can collect information on the facilities they provide. Staying at a home stay also gives you the added advantage of experiencing the lifestyle and culture of Kodavas(people of coorg) closely. Try to search for old plantation houses that are over 100 years old – their wooden pillars, carved doors, and huge rooms will mesmerize you.

FOOD IN COORG: Unlike many Indian communities, the Coorg people will happily serve you alcohol and non-vegetarian food at their weddings, especially their famous Pandi Curry or pork in a spicy and sour gravy made from Kachampuli, a black vinegar made from the black kokum fruit.

Places to visit in Coorg: The places that you should be visiting in coorg depend on if you are looking for Nature diversity or Cultural insight.
If your answer is former then: Raja’s seat, Brahmagiri peak, Appy and Irrupu Falls should top your bucket list.
But if your answer is later then you cannot head back home without visiting Bylakuppe, Chettalli Village and experiencing the major festivals such as.
1)Puttari:  Puttari meaning “new rice”, is the rice harvest festival. Celebrated during late November or early December, families assemble in their ain mane or ancestral house.
2). Kaviri Shankarma: Coorgis worship River Kaveri – the lifeline of southern Karnataka. Kaveri Sankramana takes place in mid-October and pilgrims visit the source of river Kaveri, Talakaveri, on this day.
3)KailPodhu : It is celebrated on 3rd September of every year. The day begins with worshipping of the weapons, and is followed by feasting and drinking.

Best time to visit Coorg: November to March are the most appropriate months to pave your way to this serene land. Mot just the weather but seeing festivals being celebrated in these months will ensure a memorable trip for you.

Cooge homestays are best place to stay where you can actually experience mother nature and tasty kodagu food.


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