Homestays in Coorg

Wrapped around in lush green hills, vast forest and the misty scent of rain, gifted with emerald landscapes and boundless beauty lies the district of Kodavu also know as Kodava nadu in Karanataka. This district also known as coorg and dubbed as “The Scotland of India” is no less than a scene out of portrait. The picture perfect combination of the never ending blue skies, the inescapable beauty of nature and the ever smiling faces all around will only have you lusting passionately about this place.

Home to the indigenous Kodava (also Kodava speaking) people who were traditionally a war tribe, land owning agriculturalist group with a lot of customs revolving around weapons and the land, and the second largest producer of coffee in India, Kodagu has a well balanced variety of celebrations, traditions, cultures ranging from the ancestral beliefs to the more recent and upsurging demands of the tourism needs.

Coorg with its uneven terrains, roaring waterfalls and its ageless shrines of religion and ethics are ideal for outdoor activities like trekking, river rafting, bird watching, fishing and for a lazy stroll throughout the dreamy city of unexplored paths and unexpected surprises. With its connections and friendliness, with happy people and an intresting history, this place has something to offer for every kind of wanderer that is inside you.

Most famous within the travelers and the people who have visited coorg has been the fashion of home stays sprouting everywhere according to different needs of the people. With personalized touch for you stay and interactive friendly individuals advising you for your travel plans, this is exactly what a person travelling in a different state needs to feel home. Waking up to the scent of particular coorg breakfast cuisine with a lot of spiciness and coconut for your taste buds, the hosts personally coming and conversing about their language and how the koadava’s found their place in the modern day map of India, the locals chuckling seeing you trying to fit into their strange rituals and experiencing a place in its truest sense. Excepting this place and contemplating the day to day details, striking a conversation with the trekkers, finding rationality in their beliefs and understanding a culture from a trueborn kodava are some of the most unique and must have experiences only a home stay could provide you.

All in all coorg is a full package of happiness and new experiences, rejuvenation guaranteed you would always go back with a bag full of some amazing memories and some sights that’ll never leave your heart!!


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