Homestays In Chikmagalur

And then I realized that adventures are the best way to learn so when in doubt , Travel for it’s the only thing that you buy and become richer. Full of love and fun.

Funstays present you CHIKMAGALUR , it’s a town in the Indian state of Karnataka located in the foothills of Mullayanagiri range. Known as the coffee land of Karnataka , the place is famous of it’s beautiful environment , tall mountains and coffee. Who wouldn’t want to be lost in the lush green environment of Chikmagalur ? Well, here is your chance. One of the famous tourists attraction of the place includes Mahatma Ghandi Park , the nature park inclusive of a wide range of flowers , lotus ponds , children cross bridge , green house within the garden. It’s such a perfect place for all nature lovers.

For the funstays that are concerned the place is full of beautiful resorts and homestays.
Here is the list of top 10 HOMESTAYS that are available: (AVG/NIGHT/PERPERSON)

1)Danihalli Homestay

Priced at Rs 2,000 it is located midst of a beautiful lush green forest. Great hospitality. 25kms from Chikmagular.


2)Heritage Homestay

Priced at Rs 2000 it is options from house stay to Swiss tent accommodation as per your demand. The prices are reasonable and they would make sure you have a great stay.


3)Beanzone Homestay

Priced 1800 , located near the river site with a beautiful view it is one of the best funstay homes in the place. Great place.


4)Avathi Homestay

Priced 2500 Rs , it’s a beautiful place with 24 hour hot water supply , electricity and a great library. You will have a comfortable stay here.


5)Fort view homes

Priced 2000 Rs has great bedrooms and green beauty around. Amazing hospitality and service.

6)Kerrimaki estate homestay

Priced 2500Rs with one of the best Malnad’s cuisine and indoor activites. You will have a funstay here for sure.

7) Yelegudgi Homestay

Priced 2000Rs it is well furnished , spacious and relaxing. King size bed , well stared facilities. Great homestay.


Priced 7000 Rs it is rich in traditional style with an amazing ground view. Amazing services and kitchen.


Priced 4000 Rs it gives the customers a choice between heritage and luxury. One of the best picks.

Priced 4000 Rs it has a splendid view with an amazing veranda.
While you make your pick among these beautiful homestays and resorts , I would suggest you to keep a few things in mind. Firstly make sure you compare the rates and services so as to make a choice that is good to pocket and taste. Second thing is the Homestay’s activities for the place does offer you a great variety of fun activities like rope activities , photography and few sponsored ones. Do your check. Nearby attractions is another important guide.

We hope you have a great stay !


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