Local food of Coorg

I have been learning in a suburb of the karavali which is close to this place, COORG, The land of gen.Thimmaiah. though known for the courage this place is a hub of many mouthwatering dishes.Among these the first thing that comes into mind is the meat of wildpig. Also known as The delicious Kodava Pandi Curry (Pork curry) is a delicacy. Pandi Curry is eaten with ‘Akki Roti’ (Rice Roti) or ‘Kadambuttu’ (Rice Dumplings). Pandi Curry is a specialty of Coorg and is cooked on all special occasions. I have myself tasted this many times, yeah the taste was splendid.the tradition way of making it adds a lot of taste. Most of the people like to eat it in wild with the campfire celebrating the coorgi culture.
Kachampuli, is an ingredient you will encounter frequently in many Coorg dishes. It is a dark, tart vinegar, which has been made in the region for centuries, and is indispensable in many preparations.  Every Coorg kitchen has a couple of bottles. The ripe fruits from the garcinia gummi gutta tree are used to make this integral part of the Coorg dish. If you want to try these local, book a homestay in coorg and spend a night with host family.


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