Homestays in Chikmagalur

The Natural Beauty of Chikmagalur Did  you ever imagine a town being given as dowry? Yes! You read it right. This place named Chikmagalur (or Chikkamagaluru) is a district of Karnataka which was given as dowry from king to his youngest daughter in her marriage. Chikmagalur actually means Younger Daughter’s Town in Kannada. It lies in the south western part of Karnataka.  Also known as the ‘Land of Coffee’, it serves as a major source of coffee beans to the nation. The scenic beauty of the place has made it a tourist hub in Karnataka. Most of the techie love to spend their weekends in homestays in chikmagalur.

The cool climate welcomes people to spend a lot of time there. The attractive places include the Nehru Rose Garden which features an array of 250 roses and holds an amphitheatre where musical and cultural events are hosted round the year. The Mahatma Gandhi Park with a backdrop of Mullayangiri showcases a suite of flowers and exotic plants with attractions like a lotus pond and a toy train. Forts always have a mysterious aura surrounding them. Every fort holds a history with it and is a reminiscence of a rich bygone era. Imagine a fort in the dense forests, atop a hill in the Western Ghats. How much of history and mystery would it have? Ballalarayana Durga Fort in this town is one such amazing fort. It is isolated and could be reached by trekking and is one of the few forts that can be found in the Western Ghats. The Bhadra dam is a reservoir over the Thungabadra River which is known for its flora and fauna. The picturesque view of the mountains makes you to keep your camera shutters working the whole way through. So, go ahead and put this lush green town in your bucket list for your next holidays!


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