Homestays in Coorg

Questions worth asking before paying for Homestays in Coorg

Homestay in Coorg are all about interacting with the host family. Therefore, before paying for the homestay, if this is part of the arrangement, enquire whether the family shall be present throughout or not. In certain arrangements, the host family might choose to reside in a different location for the duration of the guest’s homestay. In such a case, this would not be a homestay in the true meaning of the word. If the guest is paying for the experience of sharing a home with the resident family, then he has every right to insist that the family be present throughout the duration of his stay.

The guest ought to enquire if the host family has access to Internet. If the guest needs to communicate constantly with the friends and family as well as workmates or schoolmates that he left behind, Internet connectivity would need to be part of the amenities to which he is entitled. On the other hand, when the guest has no obligation to stay in touch with any person he left behind, then access to Internet would not be a matter of life and death. The guest is free to ask if the family has television. This is important to a guest who wants to keep abreast with all that is happening around the world, or merely for entertainment purposes.

Next, the guest shows his interest in the homestay by asking whether the host family expects him to take meals with them. If the family expects him to be present during all meals, the guest should ask if this shall cost him more. More importantly, guests are right to ask if they are the only ones who shall be paying for the homestays in Coorg. If the host family has more than one visitor, they should inform the guest. Ideally, the homestay should involve the host family and the guest alone. This information helps the guest to plan. It provides guests with information regarding the number of people who shall be sharing the bathroom, and other similar details.

Finally, the closeness of the homestead to the public transportation ought to interest the guest. Ideally, the guest should stay in a home that is as close to public transportation as possible. The guest should ask about booking fees, in case he has to book the homestay through an agency. Guests ought to ask questions that shall provide them with answers regarding the minimum and maximum number of days they should make use of this arrangement. Guests should ask about reviews from which they can check about the homestay services they are about to pay for, before parting with their money.


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