Homestays in Coorg

How to ensure that Guests enjoy their Homestays in Coorg

Many times, homestay in Coorg are better than staying at a hotel when on holiday. Initially, the host might consider the whole experience a bit unsettling. However, as he continues staying with the guest, the experience becomes normal. The host and his guess grow familiar with each other, thus leading to a more comfortable experience. For the host, ensuring that the guest enjoys his time during the homestay is a matter of great importance. With proper approach and correct planning, the entire experience can be enjoyable not only to the guests, but also the Coorg host who has opened up his house for the homestay.

Paranoia and fear never work well for the homestays. Being careful is very different from being paranoid. Paranoia can make the guest and host to grow too fearful of each other to a point of developing a sort of paralysis. Therefore, to avoid falling into such a devastating cycle, it would be much better to perform a bit of background check on the individual in need of the homestay. Ask the organization or institution arranging the homestay for details regarding the guest. Be upfront with the organization. Let the organization know that hosting a stranger is not easy, hence the need for some background information to remove all the doubts.

The homestay guest needs a bit of space and some level of privacy. Do not deny him the privacy and space that he needs. The host should never be afraid to include the homestay guest in his family activities. After all, the homestay guest needs to learn the local traditions and culture. The best way for him to learn is through active participation in family activities. However, find a perfect balance between participation in family activities and providing him the privacy that he needs. Provide the guest with the opportunity to feel part of the family. The host ought to be sincere and encouraging in his approach and the manner in which he invites the homestay guest.

If the home has Internet connectivity, allow the guests to use the online tools to communicate with his friends and family. If the guest so desires, the host can be with him when communicating with the family back home. Ask the guest about any allergies that he might have. If he is allergic to pets, find a way of handling this issue. The host ought to be as welcoming, warm and friendly as possible. The first day is not for discussing payments and other house rules. Let the guests enjoy their first day of homestay in Coorg. The host ought to provide the homestay guest with his phone numbers and home address on the first day.


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