There are many places to visit in Goa.

Places to visit in Goa are very famous for their serenity and variety. Goa is one of the top holiday spots for the tourists whether they are from India or abroad. A lot of people do visit this place for the lovely sun kissed beaches and smart shopping. Shopping in Goa is always fun and different because a lot if variety is available. From street shopping to shopping in commercial complexes Goa is a big shopping center. From the famous junk hippie jewellery to cashews shoppers find a whole lot of interesting things to take along with them. Goa is a very big cashew producer and exporter. The cashews here are of supreme quality and are great in taste. Even the Cashew Fenny which is a big thing here is quite famous is greatly enjoyed by all the tourists whether Indian or foreign. The natives of Goa are involved in managing the cashew plantations and take great pride in it. There are other spices also which are famous in Goa along with a special kind of Tea powder.

There are many places to visit in Goa. From the sandy beaches to the picturesque waterfalls , to the lovely and lively Flea markets Goa boasts of many wonderful places. Some of the beaches deserve a special mention such as the Anjuna Beach. This beach is located in North Goa. It offers a splendid view of the sunset, and nothing can beat the pleasure of watching it with you loved one and sipping a hot cup of coffee along with the fresh catch. The shacks located at this beach serve the best of crabs in the whole region. The beach is both rocky as well as sandy. Lot of people come here only to enjoy sunset.


Weekend getaways from Delhi Perfect option

Weekend getaways from Delhi are very easy to plan and in most of the cases prove to be very reasonable on the budget frontier.. A whole lot of options are available in and around Delhi which serve as a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi. From historic sites to very famous temples there are many things which can be enjoyed during weekends or a short break during weekdays. The places are well developed from tourist point of view and offer a lovely respite from the daily stress and tension of work life. Some of these places are just perfect for family get togethers and picnics. One such place which lies quite close to Delhi is Rishikesh. This small holy town draws huge crowd from Delhi and is one of the most frequent visited weekend getaways from Delhi.

Rishikesh is quite popular as a religious destination as well as a great holiday spot. Known for its ancient Yoga and meditation centers this place is located close to Delhi .It is suppose to be the gateway to the Himalayas and the very famous Char Dham Yatra starts from here. Located on the banks of River Ganga, this small town is very popularly called the Yoga Capital of the World. One can spot many foreigners also here who travel from far off countries in search of bliss. The nearest airport is Dehradun, which is also the capital of the newly formed state of Uttarakhand. The distance between Delhi and Rishikesh is around 230 kms and is very well connected by the buses , one has the option for driving down also. All in all Rishikesh has a lot to offer to the tourists from the various temples to the most famous water rafting which is carried on the very rapidly flowing Ganga river.

Ladakh Tour packages the arms of nature.

Ladakh Tour packages are well planned which give you ample opportunity to discover the rustic beauty of the valley and at the same time relax in the arms of nature. There are some sports also which can be enjoyed at high altitude. Ladakh has been always a favorite for the bikers. The bike ride to Ladakh is a challenge. One must take the challenge and visit this valley once as it reminds us of the far away land which we all heard or read in our childhood stories. The bikers usually move in groups and it is considered to be the journey of the life time as it makes you experience the greatness of nature and also its vastness. The entire journey is like a dream where one has to go through tough terrain, cross beautiful lakes, snow covered mountains, death deep valleys and what not.

There are few social networking sites and online travel agencies that can give some idea of what is the bike journey all about because it is more of a new life and less of a journey. There are so many tough moments and challenges and so many happy surprises that an enthusiastic traveler or a true biker must take up this challenge. The bikers cross many beautiful spots and small towns before they finally touch their destination. The valley of Ladakh has many attractions from the peaceful monasteries, to icy cold lakes, to snow covered peaks and sometimes lot of military activity since this valley is very close to the LOC. But nevertheless all discomfort , pain , tiredness just fly away when you get to see this place which is a heaven in itself or some people who have visited even call it the far away land which they can relate to their childhood stories.

Andaman Tour Packages part of your holidays.

Andaman Tour Packages can never be complete without the mention of beaches. There are whole lot of water sports options and good shopping avenues but what the place is the most famous for is its crystal clear beaches. The archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands have the best of beaches which can change your lewd mood into an adventurous one as they give you the best of water activities and relaxation, after all that is what people look for when they go for a beach destination like that of Andaman. But there is something more to it Andaman is not just a beach holiday destination. There are many more myths associated with these islands. People think that its only beaches that they would enjoy once they go these islands. The beaches are definitely the dominant part of most of the Andaman Tour Packages but not the only part of your holidays.

Andaman Tour packages comprise of many more things such as adventure water sports, some magical massages and spas, a quick tour of the dense forests which are a beautiful spot on the map of Andaman Islands. The tourists who come to Andaman come here for varied reasons. A lazy walk on the beach with your loved ones , or a elephant ride with your naughty kids or even better for some going for Para gliding with your friends and seeing the beautiful islands from a height. When you have so much to do Andaman Tour Packages cannot be limited to just any one element. Another myth which needs to be busted is that usually tourists think that Tour packages are very expensive which is not true rather they are the best way to explore because the islands as they give you the maximum possible benefits within your duration of holidays.

Places to visit near Bangalore nearest puducherry Airport

Places to visit near Bangalore are so many that one can spend their all the weekends of the year in a different place and get the body and mind free of stress and tension of work and daily life. Bangalore is centrally located in the state of Karnataka and is well connected to all the neighboring states such as Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Goa and Telengana. The citizens of Bangalore are enthusiastic and love to travel and this passion increases due to the simple reason that so many options are available. A sandy beach, a perfect evening in a coffee plantation, a temple visit or a stroll in a National Park and many more options are available. Pondicherry is one of the most popular places to visit near Bangalore. It is affectionately known as Pondy.It is a Union Territory and has rightly earned the title of a serene coast. A number of beaches in Pondicherry were devastated in 2004 Tsunami, but nevertheless the place has been visited by many people since then. This small beach town is located quite close to Chennai and can be reached via East Coast road. The drive on this corridor is simply awesome as you have the sea on your side. It is around six to seven hour drive from Bangalore.

Not only that even regular trains and flights are available. The nearest Airport is Puducherry Airport. Pondicherry has been famous as French Colony. One can notice some notable French architecture; some authentic French restaurants and even the lanes and houses have been named French. The city of Pondicherry has many colonial buildings, churches, temples, statues etc and it also preserves some of the French culture still. There are many places of attraction and definitely Pondicherry is a must visit place to visit from Bangalore.

Places to visit in manali just for the snow fall.

Places to visit in Manali offer a complete different view when the rains start. The region experiences heavy rain during the months of July and August causing Landslides sometimes. That is why that is one part of the year where a dip in the tourists’ arrival is observed; otherwise the whole year round the place is full of adventure and nature lovers. People from around the globe come to enjoy their summers as they seek respite from the scorching heat of the plains. A lot of crowd in Manali can be seen from Delhi and the surrounding region of NCR who drive down to Manali to do away from the heat strokes during the month of April and May. Another reason which keeps the footfalls increasing are the summer vacations in the schools during the months of May and June which make families plan their trip to Manali and other nearby hill stations.

But that does not mean that the crowd lessens or the footfalls drop during the winters. What draws them to the cold and chilly winds of Manali is the picturesque view of snowfall. The white sheet of snow which covers the entire state of Himachal Pradesh makes it look all the more beautiful and a completely different side of nature can be seen. However in some cases the roads and highways are blocked but otherwise a lot of people visit the hill station just for the snow fall. From honey moon couples to trekkers to families to the group of youngsters who have just come over their weekend trip or even sometimes a college students who come for excursion you can find everyone here. With so many different sections of tourists the demand of each of them is bound to be different.

Homestay in Coorg closer to nature

Homestay in Coorg is a wonderful option of staying in this very famously called “Scotland of India”. Coorg is located amid lush coffee plantations which not only offer a scenic view but are a respite from the hustle bustle of the hectic life people are living in metros. Their tough routine tougher deadlines and their race to live up to the luxuries of big city are enough to make them look for such places which are closer to nature. Homestay in Coorg are well managed, and moreover they offer many customized packages which can be tailored to suit the requirements for that of a family or a newlywed. The concept of Home stay is very different from that of a regular guest house or a hotel which can be found in any part of the world. These are the homes of people who have let out their rooms for the tourist. They treat the tourist as their guest, serve them home cooked food and try to give them the same warmth as they would have given to their own guests. A stay in Homestay at Coorg makes you feel that apart from the numerous things to visit in Coorg such as Madikere, Nagarhole National Park, the very popular Abbey Falls the stay itself proves to be something memorable.

Most of the Homestay in Coorg are centered around the major sites of attraction such as the waterfalls, coffee and spice plantations. However tourists mainly go for those which are located amidst the vast coffee plantations because they offer a splendid view right from the room balcony. Tourists find great food options in Coorg as it is quite a popular hill station in the southern belt of the country. Most of the South Indian cuisine is easily valiable apart from those visitors can even enjoy the home cooked food if they are staying in a home stay.